ADA Review Audit or Certification of Compliance


This is an ADA Review Audit based on your ADA initial audit findings and any steps done to remediate your website based on those results. If you have not already done so please see ADA Initial Audit first. Thanks!

With my Audit you are purchasing my expertise in evaluating your website based on selected guidelines and returning to you a completed word doc (or PDF if desired) with the results of your evaluation*.

Example Certificate: CoC_ADA–Sample-Website–2022-08-25-final.pdf

* Note: See the particular variation you purchased for specific timelines and details based on page complexity and number of pages per website. For either an Audit or a VPAT to read fully compliant – all pages accessible via the main url (logged or unlogged user) must pass evaluation standards.


Audits I generally do as fixed projects based on the number of pages and complexity of the website or Application. These are a combination of automated tools and manual testing that take advantage of my years of expertise in the field and offer a comprehensive report and recommendations to bring a website ADA compliant. After the initial Audit – I also offer a consulting fee to go over any issues not understood by the development team and a Review Audit (note – this is listed as a separate product but does require the initial audit [ADA Initial Audit] to be purchased first) until Compliant. At which point I do a Certificate of Compliance (same as Review Audit not a new charge. If Review Audit passes the Certificate of Compliance is written instead).

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Note: My audits are based on my extensive expert experience and focus solely on what is needed to bring a website (or application) compliant with the latest standards – those applicable to US Civil Law (ADA & Section 508 Refresh) and where they cross over to International Accessibility and ISO Standards (Global Standards). They are not VPAT’s which is a full template based report. I also do VPATs for sites that are compliant (see VPAT 2.4Rev for details).

If your website exceeds 45 pages in length – please contact me directly for pricing either thru the contact us form or email me at

If you have not already done so – please purchase the ADA Initial Audit First. This product is a followup product requiring the ADA initial audit to be done in advance. This product is meant as a review to see if previous issues have been resolved and if they have then a Certificate of Compliance or Accessibility Page right can be done or your website. reserves the right to refund any payments (partial or full depending on work completed) and reject services to any client with unreasonable demands. will and does make every effort to meet project deadlines and provide a top quality product and service to all clients.

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